Colombia is a stunningly beautiful, quickly-evolving country - and Latin America’s most overlooked hidden gem. 

But with so many misconceptions about what Colombia is — and is not — it can be challenging to experience on an authentic level - even for the most experienced travelers.


As Colombia experts — and Colombians ourselves — we are truly immersed in the country and its ongoing evolution, and are committed to helping you get the most out of your precious time here.

We’re here to craft you a truly one-of-a-kind Colombia journey, based on our extensive firsthand experience, in-depth Colombia expertise, and incredible network of local experts and tastemakers throughout the country.

With successful travel companies under each of our belts (El Camino Travel and Boutique Japan), we launched Boutique Colombia when we realized that other travel companies were offering disappointingly uninspired itineraries to this incredible country.

As one of the world’s most exciting destinations, new hotels, restaurants, and experiences are constantly popping up. Yet most of what we saw online was cliche, incomplete, or outdated.

We’re passionate about this incredible country — after all, this is personal for us — and want each of our travelers to experience the authentic Colombia we love.

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Founded by Colombian-Americans Katalina Mayorga and Andres Zuleta, Boutique Colombia specializes in immersive, carefully curated trips throughout this naturally stunning and culturally diverse hidden gem.

While being raised by Colombian parents in the United States (Washington state and Washington, DC, respectively), our parents ensured we remained connected with our roots (and relatives throughout the country), instilling a deep connection to Colombia. Since childhood, we have each traveled to — and spent extended periods in — Colombia for over thirty years for both personal and professional reasons.


We have a healthy obsession with detail, and actively limit the number of trips we work on at any given time.

While this means we can’t work on every single inquiry we receive, it enables us to provide each of our travelers with truly unique and personalized experiences.

It also means that, as one of our travelers, we pay attention to you in a way that most other companies can’t.


Along with the peace of mind of knowing your arrangements will be thoughtfully and carefully prepared, you’ll have a Colombia specialist to answer your questions – and 24/7 emergency assistance during your trip.

We are accredited by the International Association of Travel Agents Network (IATAN).

We are passionate about showing our travelers a Colombia (not Columbia) that is much more than Narcos and an infamous drug lord. We are passionate about showing the dynamic, stunning, culturally rich, and electrifying energy of a country whose resiliency shines through and whose people know how to throw one hell of a party. Learn more about your Colombia experts below.

Katalina Mayorga cofounder Boutique Colombia

Katalina Mayorga, Co-Founder

As the Colombian-American co-founder of Boutique Colombia (and founder of El Camino Travel), I never meant to get into the travel industry. A quick conversation (about drug cartels) with a taxi driver in Guatemala dramatically changed the course of my life and veered me from international development to hospitality and tourism. Boutique Colombia is a culmination of my experiences leading El Camino Travel, working extensively throughout Latin America for over a decade, and my creative side that is obsessively on the hunt for those locals that make a destination tick.

Us and our network of local experts are on the ground, working extremely hard to make sure you have the experiences of a lifetime. We have been working extremely hard to shake up the travel industry and do something special, and I am proud to say that passion has been recognized by others. I was most recently selected as a 2017 Tory Burch Foundation Fellow and has been featured in Marie Claire, Creative Mornings, and Project Entrepreneur as a thought leader on the topics of travel and entrepreneurship.

Andres Zuleta cofounder Boutique Colombia

Andres Zuleta, Co-Founder

As a co-founder of Boutique Colombia — and founder of Boutique Japan — I landed in the travel industry after a fateful conversation with Japanese surfers at a Tokyo tequila bar. I’d been living in Tokyo for years, having moved to Japan from New York City to study Japanese, and travel around the country (and, as I would discover later, become obsessed with onsen and izakaya!).

While my business helping Japanese surfers navigate California and Mexico’s waves never took off, it led me into the travel industry - where I discovered the value of my extensive travel — and Japan-specific — expertise. In 2013, I launched Boutique Japan, an unpretentious luxury travel company with a culinary and cultural focus. We have had the fortune to help hundreds of amazing travelers from around the world experience Japan in a truly personal and immersive way.

As a Colombian-American (both of my parents are Colombian), I was lucky to be able to visit Colombia on a yearly basis growing up, traveling around the country to see relatives in Bogota, Medellin, Cali, and beyond.

But it wasn’t until 2017 that I took my first trip to Colombia as a “traveler” (i.e., not expressly to visit relatives) - on an El Camino journey. I’d always loved Colombia and known how special and appealing it is, but it wasn’t until this trip — and countless inspired discussions with Katalina — that I realized I could bring my extensive luxury travel experience with Boutique Japan to the country of my heritage. And thus, Boutique Colombia was born.

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We’re here to help you get the most out of your precious time in Colombia, without feeling like you’re rushing around. We’ll make the process as fun and effortless as possible, so you can simply relax and savor every moment of your experience.